Ranking the Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies from Least to Most Anticipated

6. Ant-Man and the Wasp
By no means am I not looking forward to this movie, but compared to Marvel’s other upcoming films, there isn’t a whole lot to get hyped up for. The first Ant-Man was fun and I’m sure this one will be too; I just don’t see it being as memorable as some of the other Marvel movies.

6. Spider-Man: Homecoming
Tom Holland as Spider-Man was one of my favorite parts of Civil War, so it’s no surprise that I’m excited for this. I’m a little concerned about Sony’s involvement and I doubt it will cover much that we haven’t seen in a Spider-Man movie before, but it looks good so far and Michael Keaton as The Vulture will hopefully be better than most of the previous Marvel Villains.

4. Captain Marvel
We’re still a ways away from this movie, so I don’t know enough about it to rank it any higher. However, with Brie Larson as Carol Danvers and the fact that this is the first and long overdue MCU movie with a female in the leading role, I’m pretty confident that it will be great.

3. Black Panther
With the director of Creed, and Chadwick Boseman, who proved in Civil War that he was the perfect choice for the role, I can only Imagine how badass this movie is going to be. All hail King T’Challa!

2. Thor: Ragnorok
We haven’t gotten a great Thor movie yet, but with Taika Waititi’s unique direction, the cosmic tone, and HULK SMASHING! This has potential to be one of Marvel’s best.

1. Avengers: Infinity War/ Avengers 4
This is what the entire MCU has been building towards. The Avengers face Thanos. And with the Russo Brothers at the helm, this should be the biggest, most epic comic book movie ever made. Fingers crossed…


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